Rehearsal Space

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Rehearsal Rooms For Rent

We have 2 large jam spaces + 5 smaller duet practice spaces available during opening hours 10am-7pm. (10am-3pm for best availability). Rates listed below:

Small Duet Practice Space: Perfect for a single person in need of a room to Practice piano, vocals or guitar. Piano/Keyboard can be provided Fits 1-2 People $10.95 per hour

Large Jam Practice Space: This room is ideal for a band to jam out or practice their own hits! Practice room includes a drum kit (amplifiers and guitars are not included). Fits 3-4 People $15.95 per hour

Practice In Peace

Our spaces offer the ideal setting for honing your musical skills and perfecting your sound. Whether you're seeking solitude for a solo performance or a collaborative space for your band, our soundproof rooms ensure complete isolation from outside distractions.

You can focus entirely on your music without any interruptions. Book your session today and practice with a new level of tranquility and concentration.

Call 613.727.0727

Call 613.727.0727

Content Creation

Looking to film content or start a podcast? Our full suite of professional A/V equipment is yours for only $15.95 an hour. (Mics and camera included)