Instrument Repairs

Guitar Intonation

With musical instruments, intonation refers to pitch accuracy—the extent to which the notes formed are in tune, versus being flat or sharp. When a player tunes a guitar using a tuner, they do so by plucking the open (unfretted) strings. However, when a string is fretted, the tension on the string increases, which bends the pitch of the note slightly upward. The effect is subtle, but this change can impact the intonation, in some cases causing “sour” notes and dissonant chords if the guitar’s intonation is not set properly. Often intonation issues are associated with playing higher up the fretboard (closer to the guitar body).


Labor Costs:

  • $15/String Replace one string, polish and tune + full inspection
  • $65/Hr Guitar and Bass Setup: restring, neck adjustment, neck hydration, polish & tune (Pricing varies depending on the condition of your instrument, details in-store)
  • $65/Hr Brass and Woodwind: Sticky valves, lubrication and sanitation (Pricing varies depending on the condition of your instrument, details in-store)

Services Offered:

Guitars (Acoustic, Electric, Bass)

  • Guitar Intonation
  • Restring
  • Instrument Setup
  • Machine Head Replacement + Lubrication
  • Bridge & Saddle Replacement
  • Structural Repairs
  • Electronic Repairs / Alterations
  • Fret Filing 


    • Instrument Setup
    • Bridge & Saddle Replacement
    • Structural Repairs


    • Conditioning
    • Restring
    • Bridge Replacement
    • Alignments

    Woodwind and Brass

    • Lubrication & Sanitation
    • Re-Corking
    • Play Condition
    • Alignment
    • Overhaul